Joining Tokyo Ebisuren

Classical style Awa Odori from Tokushima.

If you have an interest in Awa Odori, and would like to dance or play music with Tokyo Ebisuren, please feel free to come along and join in one of our practices. Absolute beginners are always welcome.

Available Parts
Onna Odori

Onna Odori (women's dance)

Target Age Group: 12 to 40
Entry Cut-off: Late April

Otoko Odori

Otoko Odori (men's dance)

Target Age Group: 12 to 40
Entry Cut-off: Late April

Happi Odori

Happi Odori (otoko odori for women)

Happi odori is not currently recruiting.

Chibikko Odori (children's dance)

Chibikko Odori

Chibikko odori is not currently recruiting.


Narimono (musicians)

Ages: 12 and upwards
Entry Cut-off: Late April
Drums are provided by the team.
For flute and shamisen, you will be expected to purchase your own instrument. However, depending on availability, we may be able to provide an instrument for your first year.

For under 18s, parental/guardian consent is required.
Our team takes in new members throughout the year regardless of the entry cut-off. However, those joining during the run up to the summer festival season will likely not be permitted to participate that year. Please contact us for further details.
Fees1,000 Yen per month (free for minors). No entry fee.
Time Training is generally held on Saturday or Sunday each week.
See the Schedule for details on upcoming practices.

Please note that team activities are conducted in Japanese, and while we welcome international participation, we cannot guarantee special accommodation for non-native speakers.

Contact Information

To make an enquiry, please use the secure visit enquiry form.