Tokyo Ebisuren
Back in 1998, a chance meeting of several individuals in Shibuya―each of whom shared a strong affection for the culture of dance―resulted in the founding of Tokyo Ebisuren. The team was named after "Ebisu", the exalted bringer of luck, and the only deity among the Seven Gods of Fortune to have originated in Japan. The name fitted well, as Ebisu is also a neighbourhood in Shibuya.

Since formation, we've focussed our learning on expressing the genuine look and feel of classical Tokushima Awa Odori. More specifically, we aspire towards reflecting the very distinctive style of Yebisuren (ゑびす連), a well known team from Tokushima.

Another goal from the outset was to offer our own contribution to society through Awa Odori in the following ways: to promote awareness in the cultures of festival arts, dance and music; to enrich the human experience, encouraging personal growth and mutual respect; to inherit traditional Japanese culture, and in turn pass it on, ensuring it remains alive and relevant for future generations to enjoy; and to assist in providing a nourishing environment for the upbringing of young people. Accordingly, we give volunteer performances throughout the year in addition to the regular summer festivals.

Our team motto is "Vibrant and Impassioned Ebisu Smile" (明るく元気に楽しくえびす顔).

If you're interested in Awa Odori, why not join us as a dancer or musician? New members are always welcome! For details on joining, see "Join Our Dance Team!".

Mayumi Otaka
Team Captain